• What if your water
    network could predict
    the future? Now, it can.
  • A scalable, smart
    water software that
    starts where you are.
  • Smart Outage is here.
    Respond to incidents faster,
    keep customers in service.
  • Manage risk.
    Anticipate change.
    Be prepared.
  • Access your data,
    communicate, and
    solve problems.
    Anywhere, anytime.
  • Asset management,
    purpose-built for
    utilities by water
    industry veterans.
  • Operate as one utility.
    Be more, together.


Functional Groups
Water Quality
The whole is greater than the sum of the parts – manage your utility as one – and boost morale, performance, and your ROI.
  • Quantify decision making, maximize benefits to CIP
  • Define, monitor and visualize key performance indicators
  • Predict and prepare for operational events and emergencies
  • Stay connected and communicating with your system and staff
  • Automate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or custom reporting
Plan, prioritize, and provide operational support with greater confidence and efficiency. See impacts across the water network, not just in real-time – but ahead of time.
  • 20% benefit to asset replacement
  • Risk-based decision support
  • Increased ROI for capital projects
  • Simple-to-perform water system simulations
  • Real-time, field-validated system performance
  • Connected, coordinated responses to system events
Know how your decisions will impact facilities, customers, energy, quality, and your bottom line – with the numbers, and situation, well in hand.
  • 15% Energy reduction
  • Significantly reduce/defer capital costs of system monitoring
  • Perform real-time simulations to predict outcomes across network
  • Prepare for/respond to system outages and emergencies
  • Use SCADA analytics to manage facility performance
  • Recognize and address system failure, before failures occur
Get more done than ever, with the same invaluable resources – connect to the field and the rest of the team, and increase morale, transparency, accountability, and productivity.
  • Improve productivity by up to 20%
  • Reduce non-revenue water/water loss
  • Send/receive map-based field alerts for cross-department event notification
  • Visualize critical valves/pipes dynamically, based on operational changes
  • Understand outcomes before touching assets
Customer Service
Have the answer before you get the call – while providing service that cuts time, costs, and complaints.
  • Reduce customer response time from 60 days to < 1 day
  • Reduce water loss by proactively addressing field incidents
  • Identify leaking/broken meters in real-time for immediate attention
  • Detect backflow events/irregular consumption before a problem occurs
  • Reduce non-revenue water, increase revenue, and prioritize maintenance
  • Influence customers’ water usage
Water Quality
Flush more efficiently and accurately, with greater benefits. Track down contamination. And make compliance easy.
  • 12% Compliance and chemical savings
  • Automate field data entry
  • Monitor water quality sampling
  • ID areas of poor water quality, dead-end mains, and slow turnover
  • Predict water quality issues
  • Instantly notify field crews or office staff of data anomalies, quality breaches
  • Respond to contamination events
East Bay Municipal Utility District Selects Sedaru for Real-time Operations

May 8, 2018

“Our team loves Sedaru, and the incredibly responsive support behind it. You don’t have to be a techie person to access, measure, model, and manage your network, and the efficiencies and increased awareness that Sedaru creates is very exciting!”

Justin Chapel, Public Works Superintendent, City of Redwood City - CA