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GIS Maps
If you need to see where you're going, Sedaru can show you the way. With uber-mapping technology, Sedaru delivers dynamic, illuminating visual representations of your network in-action, for your utility’s shared office and mobile visualizing, locating, identifying, and taking action. Measure, manage, and improve performance and KPIs, increase transparency for accountability, and better manage operations across your network.
  • Visualize and coordinate holistic mapping, monitoring, modeling, and management of underground assets, within one, action-oriented platform
  • Streamline location-based routing of field crews, and optimize time to respond to events, emergencies, and customer complaints
  • Consistently and instantly benefit the organization with accurate mapping, spatial and contextual references
  • Improve field-to office efficiencies with geo-referenced communications – see events in real-time, apply dynamic location-based technology to optimize response.
  • Update GIS (or a version of GIS) with field-verified attributes, in real-time
  • Communicate, share, and solve problems seamlessly between the office and the field

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“Sedaru is easy to use, and allows our staff to be more prepared for operational events. We now ground-verify and populate our asset data sets digitally and in real-time, while working within a connected platform for instant communication to efficiently respond to changes in our system.”

Doug Mathews, Assistant Director of Public Works, City of Victorville - CA