Water Quality





Water/wastewater operations are consistently challenged with balancing “now” with the future, and these challenges are only increasing with climate change, rising operational costs, and depleting water resources. Operations must constantly monitor and adjust the system in real-time to manage operational service levels, water quality, energy spend, and water resources – while being obligated to provide system reports to state regulators. Sedaru addresses these business requirements by enabling utility operators with prediction-tools, automated response workflows, advanced analytics against real-time data, automated reporting, and more.

  • Reduce or defer capital costs of system monitoring by applying Sedaru network modeling to “virtually” monitor the water/wastewater system within a lightweight, mobile app
  • Reduce operational expenditures significantly with network analytics, alert notifications, map-enabled enterprise communications, and automated workflows for event response
  • Monitor, predict, and manage facility operations to extend useful life, reduce energy costs
  • Use advanced SCADA and sensor analytics to manage turnover, calculate operating expenditures in real-time, and respond to system events before they become emergencies
  • Prepare for and respond to outages and incidents by visualizing customer and system impacts in advance – and field crews to investigate and help resolve - in real-time
  • Maximize the value of capital expenditures by prioritizing facility rehab and replacement with asset management and system criticality

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“Our team loves Sedaru, and the incredibly responsive support behind it. You don’t have to be a techie person to access, measure, model, and manage your network, and the efficiencies and increased awareness that Sedaru creates is very exciting!”

Justin Chapel, Public Works Superintendent, City of Redwood City - CA