Sedaru at North American Water Loss Conference

Dec 3, 2017
Dec 3, 2017
Name and Location: 
North American Water Loss Conference, San Diego, CA

Sedaru is helping utilities across the country manage non-revenue water loss. Join us in booth 115 at the North American Water Loss Conference to see how Sedaru Outage help your utility

     ● More efficienctly respond to leaks and breaks

     ● Identify which valves to close and which customers are affected

     ● Track and report on how repair activities and water loss

     ● Simulate and prepare for planned outages

     ● Integrate data from events into other Sedaru or legacy enterprise applications


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About Sedaru: Sedaru is developed, owned, and operated by IDModeling, Inc., with a background in hydraulic modeling and integrated information systems to enable decision support for utility operations and planning.  IDModeling serves utility customers throughout the United States, and brings expertise in GIS, hydraulics, water/wastewater/utility operations, field mobility, system integrations, and asset management, replacement & prioritizations.  It’s this background that created Sedaru, to See Data Run. 

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