More Testimonials


“Sedaru software has connected us to our data, from GIS to AS/400 customer data, to our system hydraulics. It’s been exciting to see our staff’s efficiencies increase with instant access to better information.”

Mary Trahan, Operations Manager - Consolidated WaterWorks, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana

"With Sedaru’s real-time information and communications capabilities, we know where our staff and assets are located, and can respond immediately if needed. In the event a main break prompts a valve shutdown, we know which valves to close, which crew is closest, and how best to coordinate the activity.”

Brian Macy, General Manager - Indio Water Authority, Indio, California

“Our team loves Sedaru, and the incredibly responsive support behind it. You don’t have to be a techie person to access, measure, model, and manage your network, and the efficiencies and increased awareness that Sedaru creates is very exciting!”

Justin Chapel, Public Works Superintendent, City of Redwood City - CA

“Sedaru is easy to use, and allows our staff to be more prepared for operational events. We now ground-verify and populate our asset data sets digitally and in real-time, while working within a connected platform for instant communication to efficiently respond to changes in our system.”

Doug Mathews, Assistant Director of Public Works, City of Victorville - CA

“Sedaru makes it easy to see what happens when we close pipes or valves in our system. Our Operations Manager – who’s not a tech guy – is excited that he can now run 'what-if' scenarios.”

George Cardenas, Engineering Manager, Phelan Pinon CSD - CA

“Sedaru allowed my staff to increase productivity by 20% by automating our processes. We just took a HUGE step forward in efficiencies with this important decision support tool."

Michael Sobert, General Manager, Consolidated Water - LA