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Case Study - City of Victorville - Sedaru Q&A

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The City of Victorville (City) has used the Sedaru software for real-time asset and network management since mid-2014.  The City engages Sedaru at a rate of 300 communications @120 hours per week (or 2.5 communications/hour), focusing on valve exercising, production facility inspection rounds, advanced reporting, and real-time event communications.

Key Sedaru milestones have included leveraging their Esri®-based GIS into Sedaru for mobile field mapping, real-time notifications, predictive analytics, and automated reporting for optimal event response and coordination.

Pending and future milestones have been identified with the City, including Sedaru Smart Modeling™, sewer collection system operations, and integration with the City’s MUNIS customer information system for enhanced customer service, and Neptune® AMR for leak detection, reporting, and drought management. 



Doug Mathews, Assistant Director of Public Works, Joe Ogg, Distribution Manager, and Arnold Villarreal, Water Quality Control Coordinator, recently sat down with IDModeling to share their experiences and insights since the City's deployment of Sedaru. 

1. How does Victorville function differently since starting to use Sedaru? 

Sedaru has vastly improved Victorville’s accuracy and access to record keeping. Previously, it was all done manually. Sedaru has also facilitated and continues to improve our overall water production reporting.

Additionally, the way valve turning is completed and tracked has vastly improved since we deployed Sedaru. Before Sedaru, valve turning was just a task. Now, not only is it a more efficient process; it is a fun process for the staff. We are happy to have a device that can share real images with the whole team.

The team can now also see visible results through Sedaru graphs. Information is being saved and is easily accessible, in real-time. Sedaru has given us direction. When we were looking for cloud solutions we had envisioned something like this, but we didn’t know it existed until we encountered Sedaru.

2. How is Sedaru helping Victorville implement a "Smart Water Network"?

Simply stated, Sedaru is providing Victorville with the essential tools for better decision-making.

3. How has Victorville benefited since using Sedaru for system maintenance, production reports, and for other applications?

We have improved the efficiency and accountability of our valve-exercising program. Records are accessible to the whole team, and that helps us to forecast our schedule in order to achieve our maintenance program goals.

4. What kind of support and service has the Sedaru team delivered?

For the valve turners, the Sedaru team has been available by phone to answer questions regarding use of the program or information about program options. They have also been available to support us as our usage and Sedaru user base has increased.

It is very important for end-users to like any software system, and Sedaru has been – and continues to be – very responsive and supportive of the entire team.

5. Could you provide some time and cost savings examples since you deployed Sedaru?

Efficiency has improved significantly via Sedaru, thereby saving us time. Efficiency is the key for us, and this directly translates into increased productivity and money saved.

6. What are your thoughts on Sedaru's trending view?

The trending view is a great tool for productivity assessments used by the manager or supervisor. Moreover, it has allowed us to cross-reference our valve exercising with our water main leaks.

7. Could you elaborate on the benefits of responding to specific events such as an outage or main break using Sedaru? What does the Victorville team do now, vs. how you would like to optimize this process using Sedaru?

Currently, when a shutdown is required because of a main break, our crews use maps and as-built notes to identify the valves that will need to be closed. This is a tedious process, and must be performed by an experienced employee.

In the future, I want to use Sedaru to identify the valves that must be closed, as well as identifying the last time they were exercised or any other special conditions that might exist. This would only take a fraction of the time, and could be performed by any water distribution worker.

8. What excites you most about further implementing Sedaru at Victorville?

Integrating Victorville’s MUNIS customer billing system with Sedaru excites us as well, and this integration has been initiated.  It means eliminating outdated work orders, and having 'live', up-to-date work orders completed and recorded electronically to support customer service. Looking up accounts or service orders through Sedaru, at any point in time, would become an easy task with a great benefit to both our field staff and our customers.

We are working toward implementing Sedaru’s Smart Modeling™ so more of our team can understand the impacts and benefits of our work. This is the biggest leap, and it is the most exciting to Victorville. That is where we want to go.

As we continue to look forward to the future, fully integrating Sedaru’s leak reporting and tracking (with our recent selection of Neptune® AMR) will result in – among other things –improved field-to-office communication, allowing our team to see leak events in real-time, thereby optimizing response and reducing lost water.



About Sedaru: Sedaru is the leading smart water enterprise software and provider of predictive analytics content for the smart water industry. Sedaru propels the internet of things to prepare water/wastewater utilities for their mission critical tasks and to take control of what happens next™. Sedaru saves failing infrastructure, reduces water loss and energy costs, enables compliance, and powers informed decisions across the utility enterprise.

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