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 Water Quality




Water Quality

Water quality regulations are increasing, and needing to stay compliant while managing the potential need to change water sources and water qualities to maintain service levels is becoming more and more complex. Sedaru real-time analytics supports these multi-faceted business needs with real-time, mobile, map-enabled notifications and alerts, predictive simulations to validate and address quality concerns, sharing water quality data across the enterprise, and automating daily, weekly, monthly reporting.

  • Reduce cost of compliance and chemicals, avoid penalties by staying ahead of issues
  • Optimize flushing benefits by applying enterprise data: from quality to hydraulics, asset condition and customer complaints
  • Maintain compliance with real-time alerts for samples that fall outside of MCLs (maximum contaminant levels)
  • Automate field data entry using validation formulas and on-the-fly calculations.
  • Monitor water quality sampling from the office to the field, in real-time
  • Instantly notify field crews of data anomalies or breaches in quality
  • Trace contamination sources, understand their impact on distribution system over time
  • Respond to events, addressing the source issue with a focused, operational response
  • Predict where water quality issues may arise, and manage operations accordingly

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“Sedaru is easy to use, and allows our staff to be more prepared for operational events. We now ground-verify and populate our asset data sets digitally and in real-time, while working within a connected platform for instant communication to efficiently respond to changes in our system.”

Doug Mathews, Assistant Director of Public Works, City of Victorville - CA