Why Sedaru?

WHY SEDARUThe Smart Water
Enterprise Software for the 21st Century Utility
What Sedaru Can Do For You

Why Sedaru?

When utilities need to make the right decisions, Sedaru is What Happens Next™.  Providing business intelligence to water/wastewater utilities, Sedaru’s real-time, integrated operating platform connects, analyzes, and distributes your data – so you get the information you need, when and where you need it – to make informed, prioritized decisions.  By sharing analytics, utilities increase awareness and defensibility of operational and capital decisions made to consistently benefit customers, finances, energy, and water resources.

What functional group are you?

 Water Quality

Sedaru provides real-time communications, advanced analytics and predictive capabilities that benefit individual functional groups and departments within your utility.

A dashboard all your own.

Using Sedaru’s intuitive and portable interface, you can easily monitor and manage key performance indicators (KPIs) on your own customizable dashboard screen – in the office or in the field, on your mobile device.


“Sedaru allowed my staff to increase productivity by 20% by automating our processes. We just took a HUGE step forward in efficiencies with this important decision support tool."

Michael Sobert, General Manager, Consolidated Water - LA