City of Pomona, CA Continues to Expand Sedaru as its Smart Water Operating Platform

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ARCADIA, CA — IDModeling, Inc., the leading global provider of smart water network software and services, is deploying Sedaru – its flagship smart water enterprise software – for the City of Pomona Water Division (City). The industry’s real-time analytics platform to connect organizational data, systems, and users across the water/wastewater enterprise, Sedaru creates and distributes hydraulic, asset and operational intelligence so utilities can anticipate operations, understand impacts, and solve problems for energy, quality, water resource and asset management initiatives.

The fifth-largest city in Los Angeles County, the City of Pomona, CA serves a population of approximately 150,000. Driven by a commitment to best serve their customers, the City has expanded its Sedaru smart water network, connecting their field and office staff to ensure that each department has access to the data needed to make critical decisions.

Sedaru unlocks the City’s existing information systems, and delivers easy-to-interpret, actionable insights to improve incident response, increase efficiencies, and optimize operations. Sedaru prepares the City for its future smart water grid, with a platform for real-time data access that analyzes impacts of both planned and unplanned events to reduce water loss and keep customers in service.

“The City has an institutional understanding of our current operations, our challenges and our needs, along with a clear vision of how we want to run our utility,” said Darron Poulsen, Water / Wastewater Operations Manager for the City. “Rather than deploy another stand-alone piece of software that just supports one department, we opted to expand Sedaru as our enterprise platform to create a consistent software experience for both our office and field staff. With Sedaru, we can interact in the same software, communicate on the same platform, and make informed decisions using current, accurate data.”

“Sedaru is the one platform to access and analyze data from inter-departmental conversations, utility field crews, existing hardware and information systems,” stated Paul Hauffen, IDModeling’s CEO. “We’re grateful to share the vision of a real-time, connected, analytics-driven utility with the City of Pomona, and look forward to implementing Sedaru’s expansion for the City’s water & wastewater operations.”



About Sedaru: Sedaru is the leading smart water enterprise software and provider of predictive analytics content for the smart water industry. Sedaru propels the internet of things to prepare water/wastewater utilities for their mission critical tasks and to take control of what happens next™. Sedaru saves failing infrastructure, reduces water loss and energy costs, enables compliance, and powers informed decisions across the utility enterprise.

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