City of Pomona, CA Selects Sedaru for Intelligent Network Operations

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ARCADIA, CALIFORNIA, July 16, 2014 – IDModeling, Inc., a leading global provider of smart water network software and services, announced today that the City of Pomona Water Operations Division has deployed its flagship service, Sedaru®. The industry’s real-time solution to connect various systems across today’s utilities, Sedaru leverages IDModeling’s successful hydraulic modeling infrastructure so that water industry professionals can anticipate water operations, understand impacts and solve problems for energy, quality, water resource, and asset management initiatives.

With over 30,000 water service connections, the City of Pomona takes great pride in acquiring the vast majority of its water from aquifers found within the Pomona Valley. During a time of economic down turn, the water division is seeking to maintain operational excellence, and looking to technology to assure the highest quality water, the most cost efficient operations, and the highest quality of customer service, according to Darron Poulsen, City of Pomona Water/Wastewater Operations Manager.

“The City of Pomona Public Works, Water/Wastewater Division is working with the Sedaru team to leverage their technology to operate more efficiently and effectively,” said Poulsen. “We have high expectations for the Sedaru platform to help us work smarter, allowing us to run an efficient, reliable network while maximizing our limited resources,” he added.

With the use of Sedaru, the water division personnel will experience connectivity with the ability to communicate, manage, and respond to events like never before, in real-time. “Our employees have a direct connection to data and analytics normally only available in back-office information systems,” said Poulsen. “They are empowered with access-anywhere information, allowing them to work more efficiently and timely in an environment that encourages transparency, accountability, and action.”

“For the City of Pomona, Sedaru has the potential to be a game changer, to help unify our people and critical information within a light-weight, dynamic operating platform to assure the best quality of water, the most cost efficient operations, sustained customer service levels, higher levels of internal morale, and best possible team culture,” said Poulsen. “Sedaru provides a window into the future of a smart run utility.”

“Today’s modern utility is faced with more challenges than ever before. It is rewarding to see a utility like Pomona lead the way in our industry,” stated Kevin Koshko, Sedaru Product Director. “We are very much looking forward to working with the City to transform their day-to-day work into a focused, connected, and intelligent operation.”


About IDModeling, Inc.: Infrastructure Data Modeling (IDM) delivers next-generation network management software and services for the smart water industry. IDM connects the past and models the present to prepare for the future, with fully connected, real-time, user-friendly products designed to bring immediate value to its customers. IDM operates Sedaru® as a service (SaaS) for utilities to access information, communicate across the organization, and simulate performance of their water systems.

About Sedaru: Sedaru is What Happens Next™ when water utilities need to make the right decisions. With real-time, connected analytics, Sedaru creates findable, shareable, and actionable information for any role within the utility, including Management, Engineering, Operations, Water Quality, Maintenance, and Customer Service.

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