IDModeling Thought Leaders Contribute to AWWA M32 Manual of Best Practice for Hydraulic Modeling

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ARCADIA, CA — The American Water Works Association (AWWA) recently released the 4th edition of M32 Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems. IDModeling experts Adam Simonsen and Paul Hauffen each made valuable contributions to book.

Mr. Simonsen authored chapters on “Introduction to Distribution System Modeling” and “Advanced Modeling Applications”, and Mr. Hauffen served on the technical review committee, providing oversight and editorial guidance.

“IDModeling’s thought leadership in the field of hydraulic modeling has helped align the future of modeling with current industry trends, and our team was thrilled to contribute our perspective to this next iteration of the M32.  Having a better understanding of the minimum requirements, benefits and direction of the hydraulic model with current data trends, provides utility managers and staff with the knowledge needed to make informed operational and asset management decisions.” – Paul Hauffen, President & CEO

M32 Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems can be purchased in the AWWA Store. The full manual is also available as a PDF download and as a PDF download and print set.

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