Sedaru Announces DROPPS™ Automation Levels for the Digital Utility

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Distinctive Approach Enables, Empowers, and Automates the Digital Utility

SAN DIMAS, CA – Sedaru has formalized its proven, strategic delivery model to automate the digital utility.  Defined as DROPPS™, Sedaru introduces 6 levels of utility automation to enable Digital, Real-time, Optimized (DRO) work processes, including event and work order management, while applying integrated data sets for Predictive, Preemptive, and Self-driving (PPS) asset management and system operations. 

Delivered in stages, DROPPS establishes a digital representation of the utility, incrementally expanding the digital footprint to deliver value and return-on-investment at each phase of the utility’s digital transformation.  This unique delivery model ensures adoption of software and work processes, improved business and operating efficiency, and consistent buy-in from stakeholders across the organization.

Sedaru delivers critical asset management and operational analytics while integrating disparate information systems and sensor networks, empowering the enterprise with a shared user experience in 6 achievable steps for any utility to engage and grow with.  Delivering purpose-built apps, Sedaru builds and leverages a common database to analyze data and deliver relevant, role-based insights and recommendations across the platform.

“Sedaru has served a pivotal role in advancing our water/wastewater business processes and system efficiencies, from establishing our GIS data sets, to integrating with our customer information systems, updating and analyzing our water model, and deploying an enterprise CMMS and asset management system that we utilize to drive our daily O&M.  We’re consistently looking for ways to extend our digital platform with Sedaru, as it’s continued to benefit our organization and teams to do so.” – Lisa Ohlund, General Manager, East Orange County Water District.

Sedaru’s distinctive DROPPS approach and value proposition is summarized below:

DIGITAL – Paper-based, manual, duplicate data entry is replaced by a singular digital experience in Sedaru Fieldforce. Consume, share, and complete work orders from all departments and assets on the same map, providing instant access to relevant, quality data for all.

REAL-TIME – Unify your utility in one, shared platform for the enterprise with Sedaru OMNI.  Silo’d systems and sensor networks work seamlessly together, sharing data instantly, powering decisions with latest, meaningful analytics. Work is dispatched and measured with KPIs, reports are automated, productivity trended. Customer service excels with office automation. IoT delivers daily, measurable operating benefits.

OPTIMIZED – Streamlined processes become reality with Sedaru Outage.  Leaks, breaks, and shutdowns are managed in one consolidated interface, creating data-driven, high-value capital projects, transparent, real-time customer service, proactive maintenance programs, and efficient system operations.

PREDICTIVE – Know decision impacts and be prepared with Sedaru Modeling.  Close valves, operate pumps, run hydrants, size pipelines virtually, before touching an asset.  Predict system pressures, fire flows, pipeline velocity, tank levels, energy spend, quality, and more.

PREEMPTIVE – Trend and score outcomes continuously in Sedaru CIP.  Measure the impact of work orders, valve status, pump controls, crew productivity, etc.  Receive suggested capital project alternatives with higher, quantified ROI to harness and improve upon institutional experience.

SELF-DRIVING – Receive preemptive suggestions, and operate your water system prompted by your experience in Sedaru Ops.  Run O&M proactively and efficiently, reduce water loss, save energy and extend facility useful life. Your real-time, digital utility is virtually self-driving, enabling a laser-focus on Customer service.

“Utilities require modern, real-time, digital applications to address critical asset management and regulatory challenges, and they appreciate that change management is central to implementing technology.  We’re excited to see Sedaru customers benefit from DROPPS’ incremental approach, to grow internal champions and build their digital enterprise.” – Paul Hauffen, President & CEO, Sedaru

DROPPS is a proven process that can help utilities take the next step towards running an automated utility. The Sedaru team is highly experience in helping utilities move forward along this path. To learn more about DROPPS, visit our website here:

About Sedaru: Sedaru operates the world’s leading utility management software as the singular, exclusive interface for utilities to access information, automation, and control of the business and assets they run. We do this by creating, automating, and consolidating the digital utility, one workflow, one sensor, one system at a time to bring together the organization’s data, systems, and the people they serve with Sedaru software and services. Request a demo to see how Sedaru can work for your utility:

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