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Water Technology Seminar

Connect and Advance

The water technology landscape is dramically changing. Network sensors, IoT, AMI, mobile apps, and other technology has the ability to transform how utilities operate. Utilities that are able to effectively harness and apply these advancements will see increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced oversight & reporting, optimized asset management, and reduced water loss.

Join Sedaru and your neighboring utilities to see how you can leverage this flood of new technology. Learn from industry experts and connect with utilities who are putting technology into practice.


Event Agenda

8:30 am      Registration & Check in

9:00 am      Welcome/Current State of Technology for Water Utilities

9:30 am      Tomorrow’s CMMS Delivered Today (Network Intelligence + Work Management)

10:00 am    Connecting the Field to the Enterprise

10:30 am    Break

10:45 am    How they did it: Utility Presenter TBD

11:15 am    Modeling for the Masses + Real-Time Modeling

11:45 am    Lunch

1:00 pm      How they did it: Utility Presenter TBD

1:30 pm      Learn the Secrets to Leak & Break Management

2:00 pm      Break

2:15 pm      Dynamic Master Planning

2:45 pm      Bringing it all together/ Wrap Up

Agenda is tentative and subject to change

Event Details

October 16, 2018    

9:00 am – 3:00 pm                                        

City of Franklin, MA                                          257 Fisher St                                              Franklin, MA 02038

Lunch Provided

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