Optimize Asset Management with Dynamic, Integrated Planning

prioritize investment

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Use likelihood and consequence of failure (LoF and CoF) to weight, score, and prioritize capital improvement projects with associated costs, deficiencies addressed, and customers benefitted

Dynamic Asset Management

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Create a comprehensive , dynamic, and defensible asset management plan using integrated data from across your utility.

Use Fresh Data

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Benefit from Sedaru’s connected environment. Sedaru CIP automatically applies changes from your hydraulic model, operations and maintenance to rescore and reprioritize projects on-the-fly to maximize ROI.

plan for build consideration

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Schedule and sequence highest ranking projects using constructability criteria, including rights of way, railroads, street paving, and more. Create and manage your own paving program if you don’t already have one.

Utility-Wide Collaboration

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Collaboration across the utility = projects that benefit the entire organization. Define LoF, CoF, and constructability transparently, involving and bringing benefits to all stakeholders.

Plan Visually

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Leverage your GIS to view and interact with color-coded, prioritized projects. Combine GIS and your experience to merge and consolidate projects as needed.

Sedaru CIP

Sedaru CIP brings proactive, dynamic asset management to utilities. Built using your enterprise GIS data, Sedaru CIP enables asset managers to prioritize capital investment based on the likelihood and consequence of failure. Set your criteria and identify the projects with the highest ROI for your budget.

Sedaru CIP also enables you to plan for build considerations, such as paving projects, highways, railroads, and other constraints. Quickly share your project plan with others for input and adjust at any time.

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key features

Dynamic Proactive Asset Management
  • Set criteria for pipeline replacement
  • Pipe replacements automatically grouped into projects based on cost and location
  • Automatic cost calculations based on your build costs
  • Plan project timing with consideration for paving schedule & build constraints like railroads & waterways
  • Prioritize projects based on cost, customer impact, & build constraints


Leverage information and get a closer look at the future – with a demonstration of Sedaru’s real-time, predictive simulation capabilities.