Seamlessly incorporate disconnected data into one cohesive utility management system

Network Sensors

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Integrate with pressure, leak, transient, and other sensors in real-time. Get notified of system events on a map and proactively respond. Trend, report, and map sensor data with operational context for more comprehensive asset & operations management.


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Consume data securely from your SCADA historian, delivering access, visualization, and real-time analytics to the enterprise. Get alerted to tank level, pumping pressures, high flows, and more.


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Receive alerts and interact with data from your smart meters in real-time. View locations of excessively leaks, tamper alarms, reverse flows, and more. Visualize consumption and apply for water loss calculations.


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As an Esri Business Partner, Sedaru leverages your GIS investment. Sedaru implementations support utility-hosted, Sedaru-hosted, or Esri-hosted GIS environments. Sedaru makes your maps actionable.

Hydraulic Model

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Enable your EPANET-based hydraulic model for the enterprise. View model results with enterprise data in one easy-to-use app. Use real-time data with model simulations to calculate water loss, water quality, energy spend, and predict the impact of operational changes.

CIS & Other Enterprise Systems

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The Sedaru Connect framework enables you to integrate & access enterprise systems & data. Connect to CIS, ERP, legacy CMMS, valve machines, & other enterprise systems.

Sedaru Connect

Like most utilities, you are most likely dealing with a deluge of data. Systems such as AMI, SCADA, CIS, ERP, CMMS, network sensors, and others are delivering more data to more places in your organization than ever before.

Sedaru Connect enables you to make sense of that data. By integrating enterprise systems, Sedaru Connect delivers all the data you need together in one place, eliminating silos.

key features

Operations Management
  • Extend the life of legacy systems
  • Enhance view of work & asset management activities
  • Automate data collection
  • Increase adoption
Network Intelligence
  • Access and analyze real-time data
  • Integrate data from multiple sensor sources together in one view
  • Quickly visualize and respond to changing conditions in your network


Leverage information and get a closer look at the future – with a demonstration of Sedaru’s real-time, predictive simulation capabilities.