Modeling for the Enterprise

developer request response

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See how changes in your water network will impact the system. Using the model, you can quickly plan for deliving service to new developments and customers.

run fire flow reports

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Ensure that your network can deliver adaqute pressure to hydrants. Perform fire flow analysis and generate reports all from a web browser.

easy access to model

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Sedaru Modeling enables people across the utility to access the results of your hydraulic model. Unlock your model data and access it easily on any device.

understand system impact

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Give your engineers the ability to quickly assess the impact of closing pipes and changing demand. Compare normal vs. simulated operating conditions.

Modeling + CMMS

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Perform modeling analysis with a view into completed maintenance. Ground verify your model with data from the field.

integrate existing models

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Sedaru Modeling uses the industry standard EPANET format, making it simple to get started with your current model files. Update your model in Sedaru and export changes back to the master.

Sedaru Modeling

Sedaru Modeling extends the value of your hydraulic model, delivering the benefits of modeling analysis to non-modelers. In our web environment, you can run simple analysis that enable you to quickly respond to developer requests, size pipeline, run fire flow reports, and more.

Because Sedaru Modeling is part of the Sedaru platform, users can see the latest work performed on their assets, giving insight into any changes that may impact the hydraulic properties of your network. 

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key features of Modeling

Modeling for non-Modelers

Sedaru Modeling changes everything. Now, even non-technical staff from across the enterprise can:

  • Run a fire flow from a browser in 3 clicks
  • Quickly respond to developer requests
  • Easily and accurately size pipelines
  • Adjust demands, evaluate tank levels and turnovers, adjust C-Factors, change pumping operations, shut down sections of pipe, and share it with others


Leverage information and get a closer look at the future – with a demonstration of Sedaru’s real-time, predictive simulation capabilities.