Delivering Operations Management and Network Intelligence

optimize OpEx

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Automated, map-driven notifications and real-time, paperless dispatching within a turnkey event management system. Access and drive your digital, integrated network.

manage work & resources

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Dispatch, track, trend, monitor, and report-on investigations and work orders across any asset. Schedule work, assign to nearest field crew, track labor, equipment, material.

connect your team

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Connect and mobilize your team. Call Centers to Field Crews, Engineers to Operators - viewing the same data, at the same time, contributing to solutions, together.

integrate network data

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Apply enterprise data from SCADA, Network Sensors, Esri GIS, Hydraulic Model, AMI, Legacy CMMS and more. Connect systems from across the network in one easy-to-use interface.

make real-time decisions

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Access and analyze data and performance metrics instantly. Respond to events proactively with real-time monitoring, dynamic KPIs, trending and reporting.

predict, drive performance

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Understand the source of loss and predict operational impacts on customers, facilities, and asset life. Optimize asset management with preemptive O&M.

Sedaru OMNI

Sedaru OMNI delivers the digital utility. Built to enhance Operations Management and Network Intelligence, OMNI provides the end user with access, analytics, and reporting on enterprise data. Create, dispatch, and manage work with context and awareness for the current status of your system.

Sedaru OMNI provides a configurable experience that enables it to suit your needs. Leverage enterprise data (Esri GIS, CMMS, CIS, ERP, SCADA, AMI/AMR, network sensors, & more) to make more informed decisions. 

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key features of OMNI Enterprise Work Order Management

Enterprise Work Order Management
  • Assign, schedule, track work in real-time
  • Analyze, trend productivity analytics
  • Automate reports across any asset
  • Track maintenance history of assets
  • Locate, assign work to nearest crews
  • Water, sewer, public works & more
Sensor & Data-driven Network Intelligence
  • Monitor, trend network performance
  • Operational KPIs, alarms, & notificaitons
  • Forecast operations, respond proactively
  • Dispatch, resolve incidents in the app
  • Measure cost, performance, efficiency
  • Optimize water loss, quality, energy


Leverage information and get a closer look at the future – with a demonstration of Sedaru’s real-time, predictive simulation capabilities.