IoT-Driven Real-Time analysis & system performance Prediction

real-time operations

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Leverage your hydraulic model, real-time sensors and SCADA to access current trends and adjust operations on the fly.

optimize energy usage

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Monitor the energy your system needs to operate. Compare operating conditions and controls to determine how to minimize energy consumption

simulate and predict

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Simulate the impact of different operating scenarios. Visualize and get alerted to network changes when simulating a tank or pump out of service

visualize your system

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Experience the flexibility of different views of your network. Easily switch between map and schematic (HMI) views to visualize how assets are connected holistically.

customized alerts

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Resolve operational issues before they impact customers. Get notified when tank levels are low, pressure is high, or pumps lose power to take action preemptively. Configure your own alerts.

integrate your data

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Sedaru leverages your Esri GIS and model with real-time data from across the enterprise. Apply SCADA, sensors, and smart meter data to reduce water loss, energy consumption, and optimize network efficiency.

Sedaru Ops

Sedaru Ops delivers on the promise of real-time operations. Leveraging the hydraulic model and sensor data, Sedaru Ops enables your operators to see the status of your network, simulate and predict the impact of changes, optimize energy use, and more.

Sedaru Ops provides users a configurable user experience, enabling customized alerts, and views. This allows users to switch between a real-time schematic view of their network, in addition to the real-world GIS view.

key features

Operate in Real-Time
  • Integrate sensor/SCADA data with hydraulic model
  • Reduce water loss
  • Optimize energy usage
  • Real-time schematic view of your system
  • Predict how different operating conditions will impact your system


Leverage information and get a closer look at the future – with a demonstration of Sedaru’s real-time, predictive simulation capabilities.