End-to-end response management to leaks and breaks

optimize response

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Enter and track reports of leaks and breaks in your network. Quickly identify what needs to be done to resolve them, create a work plan, & dispatch the appropriate crews.


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Sedaru Outage provides access to key enterprise data, such as Esri GIS and CIS in the field. It delivers a guided user experience, ensuring an optimal & complete response.

real-time outage monitoring

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Users in the field & office can see the status of restoration efforts. Crews can stay on the same page. Customer service can provide an accuracte estimated time to restore.

automate water-loss reports

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Create reports for management including automated water loss calculations, reponse efforts, pictures, & more. Ensure compliance with water loss regulations.

plan outages

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Simulate the impact of planned outages & determine how to minimize disruptions for your customers. Communicate plans with impacted customers.

connected environment

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Enhance leak management & reporting by integrating hydraulic model. Capture operational status of valves. Share data back to enterprise systems.

Sedaru Outage

Sedaru Outage provides end-to-end response management for leaks and breaks. Built for the office and field, Outage gives users the ability to report a leak or break and automatically develop a response plan. Responding field workers can see exactly how to isolate the outage, and what they need to do to restore services.

In the office, customer service can identify which customers are impacted and track the response to the event. After service is restored, Sedaru Outage automatically calculates water loss and generates a report on the event, ensuring compliance with state regulations.

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key features of Outage

Optimized Response
  • Input outage reports as they come in
  • Trace water network to determine how to isolate the issue
  • Provide step by instructions on how to resolve the outage
  • Enter progress from the field on the status of restoration efforts
Back-Office Planning & Reporting
  • Simulate planned shutdowns
  • Calculate water loss automatically
  • Generate post-event reports


Leverage information and get a closer look at the future – with a demonstration of Sedaru’s real-time, predictive simulation capabilities.






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