Western Municip. Water Dist. Selects Sedaru: Unlocking Hansen/Infor CMMS for Real-time Decision Support

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ARCADIA, CA — IDModeling, Inc., the leading global provider of smart water network software and services, has deployed its flagship smart water enterprise software, Sedaru, for Western Municipal Water District (WMWD, or District) of Riverside County, California. The industry’s real-time analytics platform to connect organizational data, systems, and users across the water/wastewater enterprise, Sedaru creates and distributes hydraulic, asset and operational intelligence so utilities can anticipate operations, understand impacts, and solve problems for outage, energy, quality, water resource and asset management initiatives.

The District has selected Sedaru enterprise across its water, sewer, and recycled water systems; unifying people and data across disparate infrastructure and information systems.  WMWD will use Sedaru to connect, automate, and enable field crew field data collection, while expanding the District’s access to Hansen/Infor asset management system data.  The District will now be able to track, trend, monitor, and report on critical institutional knowledge in real-time, within Sedaru’s turnkey, integrated operating platform for maintenance and operational decision support.

WMWD delivers water on both a wholesale and retail basis to a total population of approximately 880,000 people, and will use Sedaru’s real-time analytics to instantly collect and apply analyzed, role-based data to prioritize asset management and system maintenance programs while enhancing operations and customer service. With Sedaru, the District will benefit from streamlined asset management, improved communication, real-time incident response & tracking, and optimization strategies through integrated operational & situational awareness.

“We are impressed with the power and flexibility of Sedaru, the value of the insights it has provided us during our pilot project, the adoption rate of Sedaru by our office and field staff, and the excitement it has generated in our team to improve our business processes”, said Robert Conrad, Application Specialist for WMWD, “Sedaru’s service, expertise, and thoroughness give us a high degree of comfort that we are in good hands as we expand across our enterprise.”

“The WMWD team completed a thorough due diligence process to evaluate Sedaru, and confirmed that it was the smart water platform that best met their needs to connect and unlock their critical systems within one unified, connected experience,” said Paul Hauffen, IDModeling’s President and CEO. “We’re very excited to support the District by deploying Sedaru to help optimize their distribution system and to intelligently connect their entire enterprise.”



About Sedaru: Sedaru is the leading smart water enterprise software and provider of predictive analytics content for the smart water industry. Sedaru propels the internet of things to prepare water/wastewater utilities for their mission critical tasks and to take control of what happens next™. Sedaru saves failing infrastructure, reduces water loss and energy costs, enables compliance, and powers informed decisions across the utility enterprise.

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